Stochastic Geometry

August 15, 2007

Wireless Broadband continued

Filed under: General — Mark Dennehy @ 10:26

The more I look at this, the worse the picture gets…

  • There’s the sticky which is saying (amongst other things) that gmail and torrents are throttled, that  everyone is getting horrendous latency, throughput and reliability, and that Comreg is getting complaints from all sides about three;
  • There’s the occasional complete refusal of the modem to be recognised by the computer, requiring either the Huwai software to be restarted, the usb cable to be plugged out and back in again, the restarting of windows or all of the above;
  • There’s the occasional failure of the modem to authenticate without any further error message telling you if it’s a hardware or a software or an account problem or who to call to fix it;
  • And now there’s news that all this is due to be gone over by Today FM tonight at 1800 on 103FM…

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